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 Our alpacas


Mare Gabby

Gabby has been with us since 2017 already born in 2013, so she is our cool older lady. She loves children and some days she likes to get lots of cuddles. Wherever she is, her son Luigi is usually not far. The two are inseparable. Gabby loves to go on excursions, she likes to take the last place and secure the herd to the rear. If a bicycle or a dog approaches, she reports this to the whole group. In between, she likes to snack on hikes along the way. We make duvets and pillows from their soft fleece.


mare Phoebe

Phoebe is the undisputed leader of the herd. In 2017 she was born with us a week before Luigi. Currently she leads the entire herd.  She lovingly takes care of her second foal Phoenix, takes responsibility for the other animals and hopefully expects another Cria in August 2023. We are excited to see what will happen. But most of all we are proud of them. In 2018 Phoebe became Color Champion at the Alpaca Show in Alsfeld. She has a great character and an incredibly soft fleece. We use it to make the finest wool.

sydfyn alpakas_edited.png

mare Ruby

Ruby was born to us in 2021 on a stormy rainy day from Phoebe. She is a very confident little mare and takes after Phoebe. With her, every walk becomes an adventure because she also likes to go exploring away from the herd. But with a little sprint, she's always quickly back with Mama Phoebe and the others. She enjoys playing with her new friends Kurt and Hank. Then everyone romp happily across the meadow. She is also a loving big sister to Phoenix. It is already the small family network to watch. She is a refreshing asset to all of us. Your fleece is of the best quality, so of course we make fine wool out of it.


mare Thea

The deep black Thea also came to us with her foal Grobi in January 2023 from the Wiedwisch farm. She comes from a breed of Fehn alpacas. She is a stately lady with a very good physique and just as great composure. Like Rhea, she blends in well with the alpaca herd and has a refreshing curiosity about us humans. It is a pleasure to watch them with Grobi in the herd. The two are not only an enrichment for us in terms of colour.

stallions and geldings

phoenix sydfyn alpacas_0831.jpg

Young stallion Phoenix

Our first Dane. On the morning of August 11, Phoenix suddenly stood in the pasture among the other herd members. He was still very unsteady on his feet. Today he jumps around like a little deer. Everyone else takes turns watching over him. He's a confident guy with ultra-soft fleece. With his father Artus von Wittenburg, whose parents are the well-known Appalosa stallion LF Del a Burl and mother mare Vienna from the Snowmass bloodline and with his  excellent mother Phoebe, he has the best prerequisites to become an excellent breeding stallion.


Young stallion Grobi

Little Grobi was born in the summer of 2022 and moved to us with his mom Thea in January 2023. Finally, Phoenix has a playmate of the same age. However, Grobi is still very shy. He doesn't yet dare to leave his mother's side. As he gets older, his self-confidence probably grows as well. He is a son of Armstrong du Fontenelle, who is also black, and is developing splendidly at the moment. 


Gelding Luigi

Our "Sabbelbüdel" was born in 2017 by Gabby. He is our charmer and sensitive companion on walks. Of course, he uses every opportunity to have a snack in between. But only if he's not "humming" in alpaca-like manner. He is Phoebe's best friend, they were both born here and grew up together. He is a considerate role model for Hank, Kurt and Alf. With his balancing nature, he brings security to our youngsters and confidence. Its soft fleece goes into bedding and wool.

hank sydfyn alpacas.jpg

gelding Hank

In 2021 our cheeky Hank saw the light of day. He came to us with his two half-brothers Alf and Kurt in December 2021. We've been enjoying its development ever since. He is very people-oriented and always has to be the first to scrutinize everything. You just have to love him. After careful halter training in winter, he now likes to run on a leash through nature. We let his foal fleece Sockswolle process.


Gelding Alf

In spring 2021 our Alf was born. He joined us with his two half-brothers Hank and Kurt in December 2021. Of the three, he is the most sensitive. But now he's not so easily startled. Training on the halter did him good. He enjoys going out into nature. After the walks, he loves to be with people   and is also happy to take   photos. We leave his foal fleece to Sockswolle process.

Alpaka Kurt.JPG

Gelding Kurt

Our smallest of the three nine boys from 2021 initially only hung on Phoebe's skirts. Daughter Ruby wasn't jealous at all and Phoebe was very patient. He now dares to go his own way. His two are half brothers Alf and Hank. All three, like Luigi, are friendly and attentive geldings. A walk with them is fun. He particularly likes to be with the other young animals, although he is actually already one of the big ones. We have his fleece processed into sock yarn.

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